Personal Training

Personal Training for faster results. 6If you are finding it hard to make progress at the gym and you think you’re training hard, doing all the right things but still not achieving the results you desire, why not try having a personal training session with one of our highly qualified instructors? With personal training, results are achieved at a faster rate due to a challenging and varied program tailored to your needs.

Sessions can incorporate:

  • Fitness improvement;
  • Weight loss;
  • Training for strength;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Back care;
  • Posture;
  • Balance and coordination;
  • Nutritional advice.

Your goals, concerns, injuries and any health related conditions are addressed directly with your trainer on a weekly basis. Your program is changed week by week, to provide your body and mind with a stimulating and challenging workout that will change the shape of your body and the way you see exercise. You will achieve the results you have always desired with the help of your trainer because you are working one-to-one with a qualified personal trainer and lifestyle consultant.

We offer both 30 and 60 minute personal training sessions.

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